Blogger Communities

The following are some awesome places to network for bloggers:

20something bloggers - this is one of my faves, but age restrictions do apply. You must "say" you are between 20-29. But is an excellent way to meet fellow bloggers and the group feature is spectacular.

Blog Lovin' - a popularity contest, really. But one I hope to win someday...I am shameless.

The forum for blogger/the Coffee Shop - I have met more interesting (read: insane) people here in the past few month than I ever have in my previous 24 years of existence.

I am ALWAYS looking for blog communities that are active and not just "ohhh add me and I'll add you" active, but full of writers who have interesting shit to say that I actually want to read, and vice versa (hopefully). So if you know of others, PLEASE email or twitter (hehe) me.