About Me

What you should know about the Von Devious...

I'm a contradiction in terms (case in point- I love ketchup almost as much as life itself but hate tomatoes).

I'm also a 24 year old hot mess (reformed for the most part..or trying). I think this stems from being the youngest of five, but more than likely because I'm left handed. Check it- most of us are serial killers or bat sh*t crazy.

I attempt to be a respectable woman but I curse like a sailor. I love drinking beer, watching sports, and generally participating in shenanigans. You'd think I was meant to be a man, no? While I have the mind set of a perverted 13 year old boy, I live in the body of a 5'6", 120 pound blonde. I am constantly at odds with myself, but its OK because I'm a pretty good sparring partner.

I reside in the Detroit area (begrudgingly) and substitute teach (willingly). I am a Texan at heart, and dearly miss the Southern hospitality, warm weather, and delectable Mexican food my home state boasts. I hope to vacate the mitten state after I finish teaching the school year up here.

Oh yes, and I look like this:

Can't you just see the sarcasm radiating from my eyes?

Update: Kat Von Devious now comes in RED!

Same great sarcasm, now in extra feisty.

If you'd like to know anything else, just email me at the contact link located at the top of the page, or ask me on twitter!