Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's a numbers game, really...

Translation: suck it, math!

Well after 4 weeks of absolute hell, my statistics class is over...and I rocked it. 97 out of 100 points. I now feel like those moments where I felt my head might explode were worth it. I think. Sort brain is pretty much mush at this point. I'm just happy I remember how to tie my own shoes after that class.

And in "Karma decided to spare you, Kat Von Devious" news...I started a curriculum class this week that appears to be a cake walk. So I expect to be having my cake and eating it too for the next 8 weeks. As of now I am gearing up for a two week break from work and my master's program and a much needed trip back South to visit my crazy friends and thaw out.

I woke up this morning and found that I am living in a Hallmark Christmas card. Everything is covered in snow and so white it hurts my retinas. I'm pretty much a scrooge around the holidays but it's just so damn cheery outside I think I could throw up pure joy and not even mind it at this point.

(No- this not the inside of a snow globe... see more here)

So sorry for the posting absence but I have been working like a dog lately either on my own schooling or teaching others (taught Spanish the other day- more to come), and the creativity and will to sit down and blog has just been sucked right out of me. Until today. Because I'm pretty much snowed in for the next day or two. But I'm leaving you now, all that talk of cake earlier made me realize there's something missing in my mouth life. Peppermint chocolate cake? Don't mind if I do.

So I will be back soon, after I spend several hours doing extreme cardio to ensure my holly jolly ass doesn't jiggle for my homecoming trip. And all the while during my workouts I will continually be singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas, and a really firm rear" to stay motivated.


  1. Use of the word "shenanigans": 100 points
    "Hot mess": 5
    "Bat shit crazy":7

    And most of my best girl friends have the humor of 13 year old boys- that pretty much rocks!


    PS Buy a snowmobile

  2. Caleb, I think you and I will get along juuuuust fine haha

  3. Read your anti-Oprah post. Still don't quite get why the hate. Just because she's massively rich, influential, and powerful?

    I always imagine people with defined public lives all the sudden doing something drastically out of character.

    Like, one day Oprah comes out and goes on a punching spree in downtown Santa Barbara, then recommends all erotica in her book club for a week because it "makes her wet as shit."

    That'd be cool.

    PS change your color scheme immediately.

  4. what's wrong with the colors on your end?

  5. The black background and dark maroon text!

    Like, if you want to read the commenter's name or the date and time, you have to highlight everything to read it!

    So yeah, go ahead and fix that.

    PS bummer about the knee

  6. I've been at odds with that maroon forever. Trying to make it match blah blah, I am thinking just plain red and I'm done! But is the gold-yellow on black easy to ready?

    Thanks, I am back up and running again...can't keep me down!!


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