Friday, April 1, 2011

In like a lion and out like a lamb...

Translation: With the way the weather is around here, it's more like March came in like a Polar bear and went out like a penguin. Anyway, it is now April and I am still wrapped up like an Eskimo. I hear warmer weather will be arriving next week. Coincidentally, so is my boyfriend to meet the folks for the first time. Got plenty of good touristy stuff lined up so I am pretty excited over the matter. As long as I don't see snow and no one dies, I will call his visit a success!

I am proud to say I have almost completely made it through April Fool's Day without being pranked once, knock on wood. As I was perusing Garden Ridge earlier with my mother we overheard one of the stock guys saying, "Yeah, I completely forgot what the date was, so when my brother called and said 'you're gonna be an uncle!' I almost had a heart attack."

Since we have no manners my mom and I immediately burst out laughing at his misfortune. He said it wasn't funny, I said, "could have been worse, you could have gotten a phone call from someone else saying you're going to be a father!" I am pretty sure he saw my point of view.

Anyway, I hate April Fool' seems through the years the pranks have gone from innocent (whoopie cushion in chair, computer mouse stuck in jello mold, etc.) to down right dastardly (I accidentally ran over your cat, your mother has been committed to a psych ward, etc.). Really the one thing I always get a kick out of is all the schmucks who change their relationship status on facebook to engaged, divorced, single to try and pull one over on everyone else...which makes you feel really bad for the one dude who's wife just so happened to leave him on this day and he's left with a barrage of comments saying "LOL...TOO FUNNY, APRIL FOOLS!" Just to rub salt in the wound. Of course, I'd probably be one of the a-holes rubbing it in. Moral of the story, don't be "that guy."

Knowledge is power.

In other news, I am typing to you from my new laptop. Word of advice: if you are still operating Vista make the leap to 7. I've had this laptop for almost a week and haven't had to yell at it once. With Inspiron and the Vista platform, I really fine tuned my cursing abilities.


  1. You are my favorite blogger. That is all. :)

  2. hehe thank you Erin. I have been suffering from a lack of time for blogging once again so your feedback inspires me!! Hope all is going well with the house hunting! Are you staying in the same area? One of these days we need to get together for margaritas at Sage Brush!

  3. Well we all succumb to the lack of time every now and then so you are entitled to your one and only "suffering" ;) House hunting has been great- we found a place in Waterford that we are making an offer on on Monday. Hopefully all goes well and thankfully we are staying in the area. We definitely need to get together soon for drinks because I want to hear all about Derek meeting the 'rents for the first time :) Let's try to do it soon.


  4. ohhh I will keep my fingers crossed for yall!! How exciting! Most definitely, drinks soon!

  5. I agree... April Fools kind of sucks these days. Luckily, I escaped that day without being "fooled." Good luck with the BF visit. Hope it goes amazingly well! :)


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