Saturday, November 27, 2010

"So you're saying my crotch would go into the pole?"

Coco is my hero. There is no man on planet Earth that does awkward funny better. If you haven't caught his new shew on TBS, you're totally missing out. I mean, I dvr it because it is on waaaay past my bedtime, but me being an old fart and Conan being funny are completely unrelated.

I am back from the Cheese state and actually thankful for the balmy 35 degrees it is here in Michigan because Wisconsin was FREEZING. So aside from being the home of cheese and really sheisty football teams, we can add "top three places to go if you'd like to die of hypothermia." What are one and two you ask? Russia comes in at two, and Oprah's embrace comes in at number one.

Goodnight moon.


  1. You quit hatin' on Oprah, you hear me!? She's a saint! Dorothy Mantooth is a Saint!

    Whoops... got my wires crossed. Sorrs.

    PS arrested development= pretty good. Conan= great.

  2. Conan is by far my favorite late night host! And I just can't help it, my hate for the big O runs real deep! Haha my initial commentary on the matter can be found here:


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