Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This is not an appropriate time to say "namaste."

Translation: I have this thing where I hate going to the movies (the seats aren't comfy, screaming kids, small bladder, etc.) so I just now got around to seeing "Get Him to the Greek." Ok, it's not going to be the film of all films, but it is pretty hilarious.

In particular, Sean Combs (P.Diddy) absolutely makes this movie. I was disappointed I could find all of my favorite clips from the movie on Youtube except my absolute favorite scene where Combs/Sergio and Jonah Hill/Aaron are talking about the disastrous song "African Child" that ruined Aldous Snow's (Russell Brand) career. Sergio tells Aaron no matter what you tell Aldous you loved "African Child" regardless of how he really feels about it.

Aaron: "So I just lie to him?"
Sergio: "No. We don't lie to people, we don't do that...we just believe invalid truths."

This is now my motto in life. I'd explain the rest of the scene to you but I am far too white for how many "N" bombs Sergio drops after that quote. Anyhow, here are a few absolutely hilarious clips that had me rolling after a long and rough day, so hopefully they do the same for you.

Think of this as the one nice thing I will probably do for the rest of the calendar year? I know I am phoning this post in, but I had an epic day with an 8th grade class and I am "le tired" (go view "the end of the world flash" if you do not know what that is from IMMEDIATELY...see I just did something else nice for you...I'm such a giving person).


Because everyone knows the Carlton dance (and damn if I'm not excellent at it)

Furry Walls, starting around the 1:00 mark. I want a padded room with furry walls now.

"This is the longest hallway of all time!" "It's Kubrickian!"

I hate Lars Ulrich, so this is unrelated to P.Diddy's character, but had me rolling.

And with that, I bid you all adieu for the day! I will be back with my own sarcastic wit within the next few days. Like when the feeling returns to my fingers, damn you Michigan winter.


  1. For some reason the line that stuck with me the most was something like "you know that thing when you hear about someone and then you meet them? That's happening now."

    I found the film funny and sweet. Good soundtrack, too!

  2. haha yes, that part was so awkward it was funny. Also the part about hateful respect. Russell Brand did a really good job, I kind of felt like I was watching the film version of his book "My Booky Wook" ..which was a funny read about pretty serious topics like his former drug abuse. I'm interested in reading his second book that just came out, too.

  3. Yeah, I liked the first book. A lot of people can't stand him, but I have a lot of time for him. He's very upfront about doing some awfully stupid things, and you have to respect that!

  4. Yeah, I give him a lot of credit for owning up to his past, most people would never dream of doing that as a public figure. I find him to be rather fascinating!


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