Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween, this is Halloween!

Translation: It's the one day of the year it’s OK to let the freak flag fly.

Happy Halloween everyone! I have spent the day watching my classic Halloween movies (since I’m a giant wuss, none of these are even remotely scary): Betelgeuse, Addams Family, and Hocus Pocus, or as I like to call it, the only movie Sarah Jessica Parker was ever attractive in. Seriously, it’s the only film she’s in where it’s okay for her face to resemble a foot (add her to the list) because she plays a witch.

It’s been like 15 years since I’ve seen Hocus Pocus, and I didn’t realize the boy at the beginning of the movie plays McGee in NCIS. Yeah, I even IMDBed that one just to double check. Ahhh, everyone has to start somewhere!

Anyhow, I can finally get on board with Michigan in regards to Halloween. The people up here go ALL OUT. Like Pirate Ships in front yards, things jumping out and scaring the crap out of you everywhere, and of course, a crapton of candy (and by candy I of course mean spiked cider. Adult candy?). Since this is my favorite holiday, I’ve really enjoyed it. But I’m still glad we live in BFE so there is not even a remote chance we’ll get grubby little trick or treat-ers. Bah humbug. Yes, wrong holiday, I know.

Last year at this time I was busy red-necking it up at NASCAR’s race at Talladega (or as we so cleverly called it- Hallowdega..muahaha). The year before, I was busy bomb-shelling it up as Jessica Rabbit. And now, I am sitting at home, movie-ing it up. People, it has finally happened- I am…OLD. The sudden realization is so terrifying I find it appropriate I figured this out on Halloween. In fact, it’s so frightful I may have just peed a little. Bladder control is a sign of aging, isn’t it? …damn.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to scream into a pillow and then find a rock to crawl under. Happy Haunts, readers.


  1. Heh I love Halloween too (well I have never had any real Halloween since it's not accepted in my country.., but I love Halloween parties my friends usually make). Anyway what I wanted to say You can't be too old to celebrate, all You have to do is get in the right mood. By the way I'd like to suggest You a couple of movies with Halloween theme, it's "Nightmare before Christmas" , "Corpse bride" and L"et the right one in". Now I know you might think you are too mature for first two but at least you'll feel younger just by watching them. (I'm not sure if I shall wish You scary Halloween or something since it's over here)

  2. I LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas...the title of this post comes from one of the songs. Unfortunately, I don't own it!

    No real Halloween? Where do you reside Webster? Halloween is wonderful! I am glad your friends celebrate it anyway.

  3. Well I'm from Lithuania, and Halloween is not acceptable to majority of people (basically because of religious matters( the main argument in my family is that Halloween is a ritual meant to drive spirits away and Velines is a ritual meant to honour spirits of our ancestors)), but this year I have met couple of trick or treaters. I guess slowly it's coming here as well.

  4. wow, that is really interesting. Halloween is just a means for us lazy Americans to eat more candy than usual or dress slutty. :-X


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