Saturday, September 18, 2010

A few observations and much reasoning lead to error; many observations and a little reasoning to truth.

Translation: I'm about to hit you with some keen observations from my ever-awesome questionable mind.

Daily observations:
I find it hilarious how inappropriate people can be in a public forum. Because when a person puts their foot in their mouth, I like when a network of about 500+ other people can read about it, too.

Hot men in Michigan- they do not exist. But maybe I can meet Kid Rock here and he can show me where the party at?

Twitter- don’t need it, but love to use it. I also use this analogy for any products made by Sephora, my blackberry, and rich men.

I’m addicted to Google. So much so, that when I’m thinking to the furthest recesses of my mind about a puzzling issue, I wish I had an instant search feature.

In congruence with my previous observation when I did a google search of “why are men so…” the following options pulled up:

Hands down the best Google search result of course came from Yahoo answers, which is rivaling Google for a spot in my heart. The riveting answer to the million dollar question:
“because they are retarded sex addicts.”

Touché, yahoo answers, touché.

More serious observations:
I’m thinking about moving to the DFW area once I get my provisional teaching license. I really miss Texas but could never see myself back in San Angelo.

I miss the feeling of being loved and wanted by a man. I’m pretty sure if I fell off the face of the Earth right now, my boyfriend would be too busy to notice for a solid month.

I am happy I am headed in the right direction to fulfill my dream of teaching, but sad that I have left behind just about everything I cared about in order to do so.

I am not living life to the fullest- it’s time to go shoe shopping.


  1. I love the the title description! I am a firm believer that we give the best advice!

  2. haha touche, I think you blog and my blog would mesh together quite nicely! I am enjoying your posts.

  3. The best google search I got was, when typing in I Hate ( was about to type Sundays...) the drop-box suggested ...

    using a condom...I mean wtf google, get it together :-D lol...

    Also, like Oprah, I love teachers, and your blog( not sure if Oprah ahs seen your blog)!!!! :-D

  4. have you ever been on the site It has some of the BEST Google autosearch results ever. Thank you for your readership!!! I consider myself a substitute teacher with a lot of edge. And if Oprah is reading this, I'd really like a new car.


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