Saturday, January 29, 2011

"It is all that AND a bag of that it contains a bag of chips..."

Translation: Leave it to Stephen Colbert to redeem Taco Bell. If you missed this on his show the past week, totally worth the 4 minutes of your time (don't act like you have anything better to're already on my blog which means you're either killing time at work, or killing time while your Farmville loads).

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I'd like to think I inspired Stephen (I'd also like to note here it is quite obvious I suffer from illusions of grandeur). I'll be skipping the tacos for dinner tomorrow in lieu of homemade lasagna. Yes- she cooks as excellently as she blogs, folks. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'm sure I'll find the inspiration to blog about something other than Toxic Hell before my vacation. So many ridiculous things happen around here inspiration pretty much knocks on the door, comes in, and has a few beers with me before making a complete ass of itself. Happy Saturdazzle, readers!


  1. Stephen Colbert is to TV what breadcrumbs are to sandwiches. No. Wait.

    Okay. Stephen Colbert is to comedy what Verizon is to customer service. Er. Wait.

    Got it. Stephen Colbert is... shit.

    I like him. There.

  2. haha, he sucked all the witticism right out of you!!! You;ll get it back in no time I'm sure.


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